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Assessing and Planning 6 Areas of Your Life

In the coaching world there’s a common assessment tool called The Wheel of Life. It’s a visual tool to measure how satisfied you are in different areas of your life. As a coach, I get my clients to complete the wheel on their own and then at our next meeting, we review it together to discover what may be lacking and what is abundant in their life. We don’t always work directly on the area with a lower number if the client is wanting to see change in other areas, but knowing how they feel about the different areas of their life provides me with a clearer picture of how change can happen for them. This will also allow me to ask better questions to help them grow in any area of their life. There are many different reasons that The Wheel of Life assessment is beneficial to use. I …

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Writing Your Story

Have you written your story yet? The story that creates the life you want to live and the person you want to be. If you don’t write it you likely won’t see it happen. Instead of living the life you’re meant to live (the life that God has already instilled in you) you’ll end up living the life that is a result of your environment and influence of the people around you.  For many that’s not a life of purpose and fulfillment. And usually not a life of abundance and joy. How to Write Your Story No writing skills needed to write the story of your life. In fact I don’t even want to recommend too much of a process of ‘writing’ your story because each person has their own way of bringing out the desires and dreams of their heart in a unique way.  And you don’t even have …

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let uplifting music overcome the troubles in life

Music to Fire Up God’s Vision For You

I feel like giving up sometimes.  I get beat down by other people and I have circumstances that just don’t seem to be improving.  I have to deal with the bumps and tumbles that come from my own poor judgement. I used to take days to get over others condemnations. I used to wallow in my own self-pity. I used to stay angry and hurt for hours and even days. And I still deal with all those crazy, false and harmful thoughts….only now I have quite a few good habits to change that wicked mindset and only spend minutes wasting time and thoughts on what’s not going well. My most used good habit is to surround myself with praise and worship songs about who God is and what I have through the loving power of Jesus. For most of the defeating times I’ve noted above I play my Vision playlist …

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You will never leave where you are until you decide where you'd rather be. - Dexter Yager

How To Be A Stay-at-Home Business Mom

Being a stay-at-home mom is satisfying in so many ways and a source of great pleasure from being available to your family almost all the time. However, you may have the perception that you have to sacrifice your career pursuits to make family your priority. Some sacrifice is necessary, worth it and totally expected in life. Moms who work outside the home are sacrificing something too and for many of them their sacrifice is worth it for them and their family.  For those who don’t feel right about spending so much time away from home then the right step is to transition to a stay-at-home-business mom where you’ll love your family life so much more when you’re running a home business that is fulfilling part of your purpose in life. Whether you are already in the stay-at-home role or want to be, you can pursue your professional desires and work …

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Move your focus to what you are doing, or are going to do

5 P’s to Overcome Procrastination

You’ve got a lot to get done and you’re probably feeling like there’s not enough time to do it all. At least some days. Or if you’re anything like me, more days than you care to admit. Perhaps you’re putting off housework, business tasks, personal pursuits, family time or that often last-on-the-list “me time’. And you’re likely putting off different things for different reasons. Some things because it’s just not that enjoyable (is cleaning the bathroom one for you too?). You may be procrastinating on something that will move you forward magnificently in your work or in your personal life, but it will push you outside your comfort zone. Then there is the ever present issue of sincerely meaning to get to that ‘thing’ but it’s now the end of the day and you’re wondering how you didn’t do that thing again today! (e.g. a phone call, games with the …

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Tree of Life Proverbs 13:12

Desire Fulfilled Is Your Tree of Life

Are you going after your dreams, taking action on fulfilling your purpose and doing the stuff the really matters? We’ve all got our unique ‘stuff’ we’re meant to be doing throughout our lives and when we’re not reaching for the life of our wildest dreams we are blocking a very important part of ourselves. That’s the part that is connected to our spirit, to God and the part where we can gain that overwhelming joy and peace that gives us the confidence to keep on achieving. How to Create a Sick Heart I can admit to quite a few ‘hopes’ in the past that I let fade away. I’d get a strong desire to move in a certain direction in my life an I’d even take a bit of action on some ideas, but then I’d experience an obstacle or two and my ambition dwindled and doubt barged in. I’d …

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Dreaming and Planning Your Family Future

Have you taken the time to think about your future? Considered what your true dreams really are and what you want to see in various areas of your like? If not, start imagining! Or maybe you have put lots of thought into your future and have come up with many different options. Now you need to discover what is the right path for your present life. Clarity is what you need. It all starts with a dream. A vision. A mission. It requires you to use the fullest extent of your imagination to discover the future you’re meant to have. Before you can have the family life you’re supposed to have, you’ve got to imagine yourself living it. And imagine everyone else involved living it along with you. Every goal, every victory, every dream realized begins on the inside of you. It’s got to be a reality in your mind …

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Work on Little Goals to Keep Focused on Your Big Dreams

I’ve got some big goals and I’ve shared one of them in this video. I shared in a video and posted it for the world to see so I could feel more accountable to keep with my smaller (but still challenging) goal of creating a business selling microgreens. That’s my more personal reason. I also shared so that you could be inspired to come up with some action steps you can take towards your big and bountiful dreams. The more you share what your dreams are and what you want to have in your life (to people that support the ‘dream big’ philosophy), you’ll discover so much more about yourself and what you’re meant to do in many different areas of your life. But don’t just dream and stop there. There’s a lot of people that are lost in that stage and they keep themselves so small by not moving forward. …

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