Learn how to achieve goals to create your fabulous life of work and play

Let’s journey together to do the stuff that matters; the stuff that helps you live the life you are meant to 

What I do

I work with you to help you connect to the wisdom and guidance that God already put inside you. When you can talk out loud about doing stuff that matters and hear yourself think, you’ll come up with exceptional ideas and make outstanding decisions.

From my years of experience working from home (and homeschooling) as a freelance writer, marketer, web designer and graphic designer I can help you with various techniques and practices to start and grow an online business from home. 

Build Your Home Business Mindset Ebook Cover

Learn 30 ways to live YOUR life of work and play

My Role as a Coach

I Coach

You have stuff you want to do in life, but some stuff (usually the most important stuff) isn’t easy to do on your own. I listen, guide, and get you to discover your unique way of moving forward

I Train

Through my experience working in the marketing industry over the years I’ve developed a training program to help others build and grow their home business. Which includes group coaching and mindset matters!

I Write

I write for so many reasons. Check out my Better Living Blog to view my posts there and other online places you can find me. This is where I share encouragement and ideas to live the life you are meant to. 

Be open to change and discover purpose in life

Be Adjustable and Available for Your Calling

A life well lived is a life led with purpose, with adaptability and with a strong commitment to make every day matter. Each day can be significant for different reasons and what truly matters does change throughout the different stages of our lives, but by making a point of focusing

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discover your business brand appeal

Social Media and Branding for Solopreneurs

Today’s shoppers are blasted with sales messages all the time. We are constantly hearing about how great this or that product or service is and we are understandably a bit jaded. So, how do you as a business get the right people to take notice and be engaged with you

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My Story

I’ve been creating my work and play for several years. With a deep desire to work at home so I could be a full-time mom and live the educational life with my boys, I’ve got lots of experience facing challenges and never quitting on my dream.

But that definitely doesn’t mean that it was a smooth ride. Or is now.

I spent years struggling over inconsistent income, balancing business and family time and gaining my clear vision of what fulfilling work really was.

Steph Morrison

Let me help you be fulfilled in your home-based work, whether the focus is on business or family.

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