Be open to change and discover purpose in life

Be Adjustable and Available for Your Calling

A life well lived is a life led with purpose, with adaptability and with a strong commitment to make every day matter. Each day can be significant for different reasons and what truly matters does change throughout the different stages of our lives, but by making a point of focusing on the meaningful parts of life you will discover what you’re meant to be doing to live the fulfilling and satisfying life that seems to elude the majority of people. Maybe you already know what your calling is (at least for this part of your life) or have a pretty good idea of how to achieve your unique purpose-driven life. If that’s you, I’m glad you’re here reading because you’re still ‘seeking’ and hopefully understand that our calling/purpose/life vision isn’t something to discover once and then live out. We need to be regularly on the lookout for how our calling …

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