What's holding you back from achieving life goals

Is Something Holding You Back in Achieving Life Goals?

Are you taking action on everything you desire? Chances are, you have some areas that you want to see some growth in  – relationships; hobbies; skills; business building. Some things may be best for a future time but perhaps you have a couple of ideas, projects or ventures that you really love thinking about doing but the doing part just isn’t happening. Or, maybe it’s not happening consistently.  If you are having difficulty achieving life goals it means you’ve got something to work through that is holding you back. No biggie though. It will just take a little time and better awareness. After you’ve overcome those challenges you’ll be much wiser and better able to adapt, adjust and learn quicker for the next ones. And you know there’s going to be more setbacks, hurdles and unknown obstacles because that’s what happens in life; it’s the purposeful life to face our …

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DREAM VISION signpost - Keep moving forward and enjoy the journey

The Dream Big Journey

Enjoy the journey even when you think you’re not moving forward with the important stuff. Life has a way of changing priorities and making some priorities challenging to put first. I could share many situations in my life when I wasn’t moving forward on what really mattered. I have long been an advocate of setting goals and dreaming big. I am totally energized by the goal-setting activity, but have often been discouraged by the goal-achieving process. There are some things that I realized weren’t really what I wanted, but there have been more goals and dreams that I’ve held onto for years even though I was taking very little action in that area. You may think that some of those big dreams you have are impossible to achieve, or just too difficult to move forward with. I believe we have been instilled with certain ambitions because that’s what our purpose …

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let uplifting music overcome the troubles in life

Music to Fire Up God’s Vision For You

I feel like giving up sometimes.  I get beat down by other people and I have circumstances that just don’t seem to be improving.  I have to deal with the bumps and tumbles that come from my own poor judgement. I used to take days to get over others condemnations. I used to wallow in my own self-pity. I used to stay angry and hurt for hours and even days. And I still deal with all those crazy, false and harmful thoughts….only now I have quite a few good habits to change that wicked mindset and only spend minutes wasting time and thoughts on what’s not going well. My most used good habit is to surround myself with praise and worship songs about who God is and what I have through the loving power of Jesus. For most of the defeating times I’ve noted above I play my Vision playlist …

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Move your focus to what you are doing, or are going to do

5 P’s to Overcome Procrastination

You’ve got a lot to get done and you’re probably feeling like there’s not enough time to do it all. At least some days. Or if you’re anything like me, more days than you care to admit. Perhaps you’re putting off housework, business tasks, personal pursuits, family time or that often last-on-the-list “me time’. And you’re likely putting off different things for different reasons. Some things because it’s just not that enjoyable (is cleaning the bathroom one for you too?). You may be procrastinating on something that will move you forward magnificently in your work or in your personal life, but it will push you outside your comfort zone. Then there is the ever present issue of sincerely meaning to get to that ‘thing’ but it’s now the end of the day and you’re wondering how you didn’t do that thing again today! (e.g. a phone call, games with the …

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