Music to Fire Up God’s Vision For You

I feel like giving up sometimes. I get beat down by other people and I have circumstances that just don’t seem to be improving. I have to deal with the bumps and tumbles that come from my own poor judgment.

I used to take days to get over others condemnations. I used to wallow in my own self-pity. I used to stay angry and hurt for hours and even days.

And I still deal with all those crazy, false and harmful thoughts….only now I have quite a few good habits to change that wicked mindset and only spend minutes, sometimes only seconds, wasting time and thoughts on what’s not going well.

My most used good habit is to surround myself with praise and worship songs about who God is and what I have through the loving power of Jesus. There are many Christian songs about vision and living the life you were meant to. I have a few for you here, but I encourage you to seek and find more for yourself.

Remember, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened. All with the help of the wonderful counsellor!

music God's vision for your life

The Songs That Keep Me Moving Forward

Use the list below to start your playlist of songs that lift up your Spirit and remind you who you truly are. I’ve included my favourite words from each of the songs.

Written by Steph Morrison

Steph MorrisonSteph has been building businesses, mostly from home, for over 10 years, motivated by her strong determination that her two youngest boys would be educated at home. Pursuing her calling to help parents enjoy the responsibility of educating their children, she works in the marketing department of The Old Schoolhouse®, and coaches and trains entrepreneurs to start and grow their business from home. Her and her family are perfectly placed in the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada. She loves being a homebody and building up her permaculture property. Learn more about Steph at the About Steph page.

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