Desire Fulfilled Is Your Tree of Life

Are you going after your dreams, taking action on fulfilling your purpose and doing the stuff the really matters?

We’ve all got our unique ‘stuff’ we’re meant to be doing throughout our lives and when we’re not reaching for the life of our wildest dreams we are blocking a very important part of ourselves. That’s the part that is connected to our spirit, to God and the part where we can gain that overwhelming joy and peace that gives us the confidence to keep on achieving.

Tree of Life Proverbs 13:12

How to Create a Sick Heart

I can admit to quite a few ‘hopes’ in the past that I let fade away. I’d get a strong desire to move in a certain direction in my life an I’d even take a bit of action on some ideas, but then I’d experience an obstacle or two and my ambition dwindled and doubt barged in. I’d think “Maybe this isn’t the right thing for me” or “If it’s meant to be, I wouldn’t have to struggle this much to achieve it”. Then after I let those thoughts guide me, I’d let my dream go. Imagine that!?!

When I was in that self-defeating pattern, I was regularly depressed, keeping up bad habits, and got easily irritated and angry. I also remember how much I seemed to complain! About my circumstances, other people and the world at large.

This way of being resulted in a poor connection with God, strained relationships with those closest to me and a lack of confidence in pretty much every area of my life.

As I have now realized, most of our desires will take effort, patience and perseverance to bring them to life. Overcoming obstacles, getting back to it after we fail, and keeping our eyes on the overall goal and not the problems that may arise is what we need to do in order to grow into better, wiser people.

How to Grow Your Tree of Life

Your ‘tree of life’ is being nurtured when you grow. When you’re achieving the desires of your heart and learning more about how your purpose is to be played out in your life, your tree of life gets filled out and strong.

When you’re living out your purpose-filled life and make a positive impact on other people, your tree of life is bearing fruit and providing abundance.

The desires of your heart are put there by God to guide you to live out the magnificent life He has planned for you; the plans to prosper you and give you hope and a future.

That life is waiting for you to take it. It’s all a matter of deciding that you’re not going to focus on the struggles, challenges and obstacles. You’re going to focus on the opportunities, abundance and your God-given desires.

If I can make the switch, I know that you can too.

Whatever you focus on is what you get. So, don’t let your mind go to the stuff that’s holding you back. Fix your thoughts on things that are helpful, noble, uplifting; on the best not the worst, on the abundance not the lack, and on things and people to praise not things and people to curse and you’ll find that peace and joy will never leave you – at least not for long.

Always be moving forward on your dreams and desires, even if it’s in small steps, and you’ll have a tree of life that will be a legacy.

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