Work on Little Goals to Keep Focused on Your Big Dreams

I’ve got some big goals and I’ve shared one of them in this video.

I shared in a video and posted it for the world to see so I could feel more accountable to keep with my smaller (but still challenging) goal of creating a business selling microgreens. That’s my more personal reason.

I also shared so that you could be inspired to come up with some action steps you can take towards your big and bountiful dreams. The more you share what your dreams are and what you want to have in your life (to people that support the ‘dream big’ philosophy), you’ll discover so much more about yourself and what you’re meant to do in many different areas of your life.

But don’t just dream and stop there. There’s a lot of people that are lost in that stage and they keep themselves so small by not moving forward. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had a few dreams in the past that stayed dreams, I never acted on them, and then they just faded away because I never took any action. Some of those dreams I’ve picked up again, but some of them would have only been appropriate at certain stages of my life and would have benefited me greatly to have taken them on, but I was comfortable staying the same.

So, most important about having dreams and desires: take action on them regularly! Take the steps to assess the areas of your life and get what matters to you written down and then plan out your action steps to move forward with big and little steps.

Even if it’s just small little steps, keep learning, doing and experiencing moving forward.

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