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Steph Morrison

Way back in what seems like another lifetime, I was a hairstylist. Which is really where I started developing my business coaching skills – I just didn’t know it at the time.

I enjoyed the creative aspect of hairstyling (still do for some special people in my life), but what really kept me in the industry for 10 years was the connection I had with my clients, especially the ones that became my longtime, loyal clients. 

There’s something about getting together with someone every couple of months, relaxing them with an invigorating shampoo, constantly touching their head and making them look their best, that really opens them up to share. And I really enjoyed how my encouraging words and inquisitive questions helped them along in some of their thoughts and ideas. 

Just before I had my third son in 2011, I left my hairstyling career for good and started on my  journey of discovering the work that would fulfill me from home as I cared for and educated my boys. I  came upon life coaching career options way back then, but figured that was something I’d work up to in time. So, after a bit more investigating, I delved into the world of content writing. I wrote on a lot of different topics and learned lots about content marketing, both what I was doing for clients and for my own business. 

I can’t say that this was my deep passionate career, but it did fulfill my passionate desire to run a business from home.

It definitely wasn’t a smooth ride of steady income or family/business balance. 

I learnt various skills in the area of marketing to increase my service offerings – e-book writing, social media management, copywriting, email marketing and my most beloved, web design and graphic design. 

Even with so many skills, I spent years struggling over inconsistent income, balancing business and family time and trying to gain my vision of what fulfilling work really was.

I’ve overcome challenges in many different areas and eventually found ways to work through all of them by taking my eyes off my circumstances and focusing on the possibilities. 

And now here I am. Living from my past experiences that taught me how to value the journey. Still growing and learning. Sharing my purpose and passion. 

After a few years of providing online services and working one-on-one with business owners, I naturally gravitated to the role of a business and career coach. Encouraging and energizing while I was training in person and through videos and written guides.

I loved the impact I was making on individual lives! And that’s when I got the message that I needed to to do more of it.

And So Began My Coaching Career

Doing what I love, working my business life around my family life, and being fulfilled in my career and personal life.  I’m living a purpose-filled life that I discovered through my deepening trust in God and persistence in knowing that there’s more to life than what we see. God has a plan for you and me and it’s our life-long journey to keep our eyes on Him and to live our life with meaning. 

It’s a win-win lifestyle that I’m passionate about encouraging others to have in their unique way. 

Work with me one-on-one in a regular coaching relationship to move forward in your work life, even if you don’t have a clear vision of what that is. You can also go to my courses page to see my free and paid courses that will give you direction and clarity in what you want to achieve – at a lower cost compared to a one-on-one coaching relationship. 

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