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A flexible business is best for me to be able to perform the most important roles in my life as a wife and mother. As a homeschool mom in Canada, a business  that I can work from home is a must.

It’s been around 12 years since I first started making money from home. Through those years I regularly discovered different home business ideas for women, tried different business opportunities and learnt various skills to better equip myself for services I could provide online.

Whatever reason you have that has you wanting to work from home, you’ll get inspired and encouraged by this article to get started today.

The best thing about having a home business is the ability to work your business life around your personal life. In most work situations you have to work your personal like around work, which has often left me feeling unsatisfied with my work – even when I enjoyed the actual activities of the work.

Life always balanced better for me when I could put my family first.

Get home business ideas for women

Use Your Existing Skills and Interests

The hardest part of any new venture is starting. It can be the most uncomfortable and confusing stage that requires strong determination to plow through. If you have no idea of what you can do to build your home business then just look at what you’re already doing for work and play and consider how you can build on that to create a business.

Need some guidance in discovering your home business?

I first started working from home writing online content, mostly for agencies outside of Canada. I hadn’t really ‘written’ for years, but I had a fondness for words, remembered enjoying writing assignments from High School English classes, and was pretty good at researching to be able to write on various topics.

So, what skills do you already have that you could start a business with?

Computer knowledge
Bookkeeping or other financial help
Organizing/managing (making you good for delivering services as a personal assistant, in data management, consulting, and other administrative roles)

You can (and will) develop your skills further when you define a business on your existing skills. I definitely did that with writing! As I mentioned above, I had a ‘fondness’ for words and thought I could be good at writing for websites, but my last attempt at writing anything longer than a poem was well over a decade before when I was in high school.

My first online business was as a freelance content writer, but over time I gained a variety of other skills that I used to provide many other marketing services. You can read more about my business building journey (so far) on My Story page.

What skills are you interested in learning that you could transfer into some type of business?

There are many different approaches you could take to start a business around your skills and interests like:

  • Creating online courses where you teach others
  • Building a website around your interests and selling products from other businesses. This could happen as a drop-ship relationship or through affiliate relationships
  • Designing a digital or physical product that you sell
  • Coaching others in specific areas of their life where you would work one-on-one, or with small groups, to help them move forward in specific areas of their life (this could happen in-person or virtually)

This is a short list of home business ideas for women that I have done myself or helped others with. The biggest point I want to impress upon you is to discover a business that you can build on things you’re already good at (or have wanted to be good at, but just haven’t had the opportunity to try). Do you have a lingering passion that you haven’t really got to explore? That sounds like the perfect start to an online business!

You may not keep with that same business focus, but if you’ve got a business idea that fires you up just thinking about then that’s exactly what you should start with. It’s challenging to start something new in any part of your life, but if you’ve got an idea that excites you then you’ll be able to push through the challenges that will come up.

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Written by Steph Morrison

Steph MorrisonSteph has been building businesses, mostly from home, for over 10 years, motivated by her strong determination that her two youngest boys would be educated at home. Pursuing her calling to help parents enjoy the responsibility of educating their children, she works in the marketing department of The Old Schoolhouse®, and coaches and trains entrepreneurs to start and grow their business from home. Her and her family are perfectly placed in the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada. She loves being a homebody and building up her permaculture property. Learn more about Steph at the About Steph page.

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