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We’re gonna walk through a few different steps that will help you identify what your vision is, what your purpose is, what it is that you can be truly passionate about, and what will keep you motivated to move forward and grow in a bunch of different areas of your life.

Through this video series you’re going to go through a few different exercises that are going help you really identify what that is that’s just in your heart that’s in your spirit and is going to help you live the life that you’re truly meant to live.

In the very next video you’re going to identify what your personal values are.

Then, in the next video we’re going to go over what your special gifts are.

And yes, you have been given special gifts. Even if you feel like “I’m not really good at anything”. You have definitely been given something that you are meant to do.

And then the last video in this series is going to go over how your past experiences have influenced you. All those things together will help you really determine and define what it is that’s just going to be that passion and purpose in your life.

So if any of what I’ve just said resonates with you then just click on through to the next video and I will see you there!

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