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Commitment and Accountability to Move You Forward!


I work with you to help you connect to the wisdom and guidance you already possess. I believe that when a person can talk out loud and hear themselves think, they can come up with exceptional ideas and make outstanding decisions.

As a Coach I’ll guide you:


  • to discover the answers you need to move forward in all your dreams and desires
  • to set, clarify, and maintain focus on your goals
  • to be accountable for what you say you’re going to do
  • to establish your own solutions and strategies
  • to be encouraged, believe in yourself even when you’re experiencing setbacks
  • to recognize when you may be holding yourself back


Subscribe to this Coaching Package to receive a 30 minute coaching session every two weeks. We’ll also discuss the best way we can strengthen accountability and have regular contact between sessions. (i.e. collaboratively working together to encourage action and celebrate accomplishments through communication between sessions).

$350 Monthly Subscription 

If you haven’t already, book your free Discovery Coaching Call to know if one-on-one coaching is the best step for you.


  • Discover Your Unique Way of Moving Forward

    Welcome video and communication options explained

  • Resources and Recommendations

    This section is always growing with stuff to help you develop better habits that will move you forward in every area of your life


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Steph has been building businesses, mostly from home, for over 10 years. She provides virtual marketing services and consulting and also coaches entrepreneurs to start and grow their business from home. Steph educates her two boys at home and they are all comfortably nestled in the trees in Central Ontario. She loves being a home-body and building up her permaculture property. Book your free discovery coaching session

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